Anonymous: would you take your girl on a date before or after marriage?

After? YES!

Now as for before, it would have to depend.

Anonymous: if you were to see a girl you may be interested in would you ever be the one to approach her? Or do you find it weird if a girl were to approach you? What if you really liked a girl but she lives far away so your relationship would be long distance?

Yeess, I would approach her, probably not directly though, lol. I don’t think it’s weird at all if she were to approach me tbh. And IDK tbh. It would have to depend. 

Anonymous: did u ever get your wisdom teeth taken out or have had braces?

Nope. Although I am actually considering getting braces soon :)

Anonymous: flaunting the conventions of society.. What's that suppose to mean

THIS! THIS is what “flaunting the conventions” of society means! 

Anonymous: would you ever be okay if you liked a Muslim girl who wore hijab but also occasionally wore jeans too???

Look dude, as long as she followed the rules of hijab and didn’t go around flaunting the conventions of society, i don’t see why not. Good question though! (:

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